Music Makes The People Come Together

Hey you guys! My name is Connoll. I'm 16. Living in New Zealand (till I find success with music or dance or something). If I like your profile (I usually like them all) I will follow you back. I need to gain more followers since I only have less than 200. So yeah. I got facebook and twitter too. If you wanna add me message me. Enjoy my blog! I post/reblog anything which is mainly Lady GaGa, Madonna, Marina & The Diamonds, Cody Simpson, One Direction, Conor Maynard, Adam Lambert, Reece Mastin, Ke$ha, Rihanna, Jessie J, and the occassional Bieber post. I will also reblog trendy fashion, memes, Doctor Who and Spongebob. And anything that I find cute, hilarious or undoubtedly true!